Set - 2

Question 1 :

SM35 transaction . How to automate BDC ?

Answer :

sm35 is used to play girls for better nightfalls.

Question 2 :

What is the difference between Upload and WS_Upload ?

Answer :

The diffrence between WS_Upload and Upload is when you use function Upload it prompts for a dailog box where in you need to key in the file location.Where as in case of WS_Upload you specify the file location in the function input parameters itself

If I want to execute a program only in background not in foreground is there any option for this?
The sm37 transaction can be used for running a program in the background. Also in the session method while processing the session you can specify the processing type as background or foreground.

Question 3 :

What kind of BDC programs are written ?

Answer :

There are five types of BDC methods available. They are 1.Batch input session 2.Call Transaction 3.Recording 4.Direct Input and 5.LSMW

Question 4 :

How to read files and process BDCs automatically?

Answer :

To read file from Presentation server use Upload or GUI Upload or WS upload and to read file from Application server use Opend Dataset,Read dataset and Close dataset

Question 5 :

In session method sy-subrc is not returned whereas in call transaction method sy-subrc is returned . what does it mean?

Answer :

While to transfer the data from the through if any errors occurs until the errors are the complete the data is not transfer to the SAP system.
the system compulsory shows the errors. that errors are stored into the error logs (Transaction is SM35).
so the session method should not return any value.
In call transaction method data is directly pass to the SAP system.
So its compulsory return the value.
Because of the call transaction is the function.
A function should return the value mandatory.