Set - 1

Question 11 :

What is the difference between stock transfer between two plants belongs to same company code and to that of different company code?

Answer :

In 1st case it is called as intra company stock transfer and the 2nd case is inter company stock transfer

Stock Transfer between plants of same company code only includes inventory movement without any pricing and so called Stock Transfer Order where Stock Transfer between plants of different company code is same as a purchase order as along with the inventory there is also accounts transfer (pricing) involved.

Question 12 :

In real time, How listing and exclusion is used ?

Answer :

Listing and exclusion is used in chemical and pharma industries for ex:-Particular customer is not having a valid license of selling some chemical/Medicines and he is ordering the same. in this case listing and exclusion is useful

Question 13 :

What is the schema you use in Time Management?

Answer :

Schema : TC00

Question 14 :

What is the work relation between SAP-MM, SD and fi/co modules?

Answer :

SAP is the integration of all the modules and the topics are very relavent to each other because basically its management skillsetgroup. From manufacturing the product/goods/services to reaching the customer. All the transaction process is depending on sales area, sales doc, item proposals, shipping, delivery and billing.

Question 15 :

In SAP-HR, What is the landscape of your project?

Answer :

Landscape in SAP consists the following: 1. IDES = Training Server
2. Development Server
* Configuration (200 client)
* Sandbox (210 client)
* Data Change (220 client)
3. Quality Server
* Standby (300 client)
* Testing (310 client)
4. Production Server
* Pre-Production (400 client)
* Real Production (500 client)