Set - 2

Question 1 :

What is the role of abapers? What is the Work Bench?

Answer :

Abaper is a application programmer who retrives the data from the database and show it to the end-user with the help of report..out of three layers of SAP the abaper position is on Application Layer in which SAP programs are develop and then transported to the Production server...

Workbench... The ABAP Workbench contains several tools that allow you to edit specific repository objects. like ABAP Editor , Menu PAinter etc...

Question 2 :

How to integrate MM With Fico?

Answer :

By using transaction code OBYC we can get the details of MM, Fico integration.

Go to IMG settings in Financial accounting and do the configuration for MM-FI settings

Value from MM to FI is defined in OBYC…. on the material master the flow of values are assigned on the Costing, Accounting, etc tabs where the system helps to post the necessary stock values into the appropriate GL accounts. Helps to determine, the GL accounts updated when there is a movement of goods.

Question 3 :

What is difference between business area or cost centre?

Answer :

Business area is a place where the product or the produced components are valued in group or for the total transactions carried out, Right from procurement, production and sales of goods.

Wheras Cost centre is a particular area where the production or the project is taken up and expenditure is identified separately with a separate GL account

Question 4 :

How to create Tax Calculation Procedure?

Answer :

Tax calculation procedures based on the countries depended. one country is using deferent of tax procedures. We are creating new country also and at what type calculation procedures present is running on the country and it is assigned which country used.

Tax calculation procedures based on the country wise using . and which country is used at what percent and it is used on the country. We are creating new country also at what percent it is used and it is assigned to using of this country.

Question 5 :

What is the difference between business area and profit center?

Answer :

Business area is where the total business is valuated as a whole

Whereas Profit centre is an area where the company/work place allows the outside agency to use its machinery for external profits (eq: A CNC machine which can run 24 hrs a day is utilized in our company for 15 hrs and the balance 9 hrs is let out for addition to the company's profit) is known as Profit Centre.

Business area is related term to FI module and Profit centre is related to CO module. One business area can have one or more profit centers.

Business area is gared on external accounting where as profit centers are used for internal accounting purposes