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Question 6 :

How to assign multiple transaction codes in a session method to BDC_Insert function module?

Answer :

Call function ' BDC_Insert'
tr. code = ' enter tr.code1 here'
table = 'give an internal table related totr.code1 here'
call function 'BDC_INSERT'
tr.code = ' enter 2nd tr code'
tables = ' 2nd internal table'

Question 7 :

"Check" and "Continue". What is the difference?

Answer :

Check statement, checks the condition with in a loop and if it satisfies the condition, the control moves to next statement in the loop. Otherwise, it terminates the loop.

Continue statement, acts like goto statement. If the condition is true, it processes the remaining statements and if the condition is false, then the control moves to the top of loop.
At-Line selection, At user-command etc..,

In at line-selection system defined fcode will be generated In at user-command we need to define the fcode and fkey manually then only it will triggers.

Question 8 :

"Exit" and "Stop". What is the difference?

Answer :

exit statments is exit the current loop. and moving to next loop but stop statement move to end of selection. it's not check all other loops.

Question 9 :

What is the reserve command?

Answer :

Reverse Command :Reverse N Lines : if there is not enough space left on the current page for atleast n lines it starts a new page

If insufficient space is there for listing output reserve statement encounters NEW-PAGE.But before going to new page it processes END-OF-PAGE.

Question 10 :

What are event keywords in reports?

Answer :

Events keywords in Reports are
For Classical Reports,
2. At line-selection
3. Start-of-selection
5. At user-command
7. End-of-page
8.At Pfn
For Interactive Reports,
9.At line-selection 10. Top-of-page during line selection
For LDB (Logical DataBase) Reports,
10. get 11.put 12. get table

1. Initialization
2. At line-selection
3. Start-of-selection
5. Top-of -page during at line-selection
6. At PF
7. At user-command
9. End-of-page