Set - 1

Question 16 :

How many types of standard SAP Internal Tables?

Answer :

1)standered table
2)index table
3)hashed table
4)sorted table

Question 17 :

What is the Difference Between Tablecontrols and Step Loops?

Answer :

Table controls have both horizontal and vertical scrollers and cursor control logic is designed implicitly.
Step loops have only horizontal scrollers and cursor control logic is to be designed by the user explicitly.

Question 18 :

What are the Events in Dialog Programs?

Answer :

Events in Dialog Programming are:
PBO-Process Before Output
PAI-Process AFter Input
POH-Process on Help Request
POV-Process on Value Request

Question 19 :

How many ways you can create Table?

Answer :

User can create a Database table in two ways.
1.Top-to-bottom approach: In this approach, first fields are defined and later domain and data element are defined.
2.Bottom-to-top approach: In this approach, first domain and data element are defined and later fields are defined.

Question 20 :

What are the Cluster Tables?

Answer :

Cluster tables contain continuous text, for example, documentation. Several cluster tables can be combined to form a table cluster. Several logical lines of different tables are combined to form a physical record in this table type. This permits object-by-object storage or object-by-object access. In order to combine tables in clusters, at least parts of the keys must agree. Several cluster tables are stored in one corresponding table on the database.