Set - 2

Question 6 :

What are the SET Parameter and GET Parameter?

Answer :

To use parameter IDs, you need to "set" (store) values in the global memory area and then "get" (retrieve) values from this parameter ID memory area. §IIn the case of an online program, you will "set" values from screen fields and you will "get" these values for screen fields. §YYou can perform this "set/get" function two ways: § Use the ABAP statements "SET PARAMETER ID" and "GET PARAMETER ID". § Use the field attributes "SPA" and "GPA" . §RRemember that parameter IDs can only be used with ABAP Dictionary fields because parameter IDs are linked to data elements. The appropriate data elements must have a parameter IDs for this "set/get" function to work.

Question 7 :

What are Text Elements?

Answer :

Text elements makes program easier to maintain program texts in different languages.
These are used for maintainig list headers,selectiontexts in programs

Question 8 :

What is an Interactive Report?

Answer :

An Interactive report allows the user to participate in retrieving and present data at each level.while classical report doesn't have access to interact

Question 9 :

What are Layout set Elements?

Answer :

layout set elements are

1.header 2.peragraph formats 3. character formats 4. windows 5. pages windows

Question 10 :

Distinguish between setscreen and call screen?

Answer :

In the case of setscreen the entire processing of the current screen takes place and then the system branches out to next screen.if u want to branch out to the next screen without processing the current screen then LEAVE SCREEN should be used along with SET SCREEN.

CALL SCREEN is usually used for pop up screens.