Set - 3

Question 6 :

Have you used SM30 and SM31 transactions?

Answer :

sm30 is used to view the ' Call Up View Maintenance ' and SM31 is to view the ' Table maintenance ' with

Question 7 :

How many dictionary objects are there and list all

Answer :

Available Dictionary Objects are Domains, Viwes, Match Codes, Lock Objects, Structures, Data Elements, Intenal Types.

Question 8 :

What is the difference between transparent and non transparent database tables?

Answer :

Transparent tables have 1 - 1 cardinality b/w Data Dictionary and Database, and non transparent ( Cluster and Pooled) tables have Many - 1 cardinality.

Transparent table can access with using OPen & NAtive SQL stmts where as Nontransparent only OPen Sql.

Transparent trables can store Table relevent data and non transparent tables can store system data/ application data based on the transparent tables

Question 9 :

What is meant by BDC. How many methods of BDC are there?

Answer :

METHODS OF BDC-> Direct Input method, Batch Input Session method, Call transaction method.

Question 10 :

What are the difference between table controls and step loops in dialog programming?

Answer :

1. Function modules use a special screen to define the parameters where as subroutines use the same ABAP/4 editor to define its parameters.
2. Tables work area can be commonly shared by calling program and subroutine where as function modules do not share commonly.
3. Calling a function module syntax (Call function.) is different from calling a subroutine syntax (perform….).
4. With raise statement user can exit from a function module where as exit is used in subroutines.