Set - 4

Question 1 :

What is ALE, IDOC , EDI , RFC. Explain briefly.

Answer :

ALE: application linking enabling
IDOC: intermediatary documents
EDI: electronic data interchange
RFC: remote function call

Question 2 :

What is a binary search?

Answer :

Binary Search is used in internal table for searching the records. its means record searched one by one from top & bottom both its a easy nd fast way to find the pointer searching is better.

Question 3 :

Types of User Exits, what kind of work is done on these exits?

Answer :

File Exit, Menu Exit, Function Exit.

Question 4 :

How will you find out where the user exits are available?

Answer :

CMOD : This transaction allows you to create a PROJECT by identifying its ENHANCEMENT(S). After determining all of the ENHANCEMENTS that are part of the PROJECT, you will have to activate the PROJECT. You will still need to code your user-exit; therefore, you may want to wait until this step is completed before activating the PROJECT.

§SMOD : This transaction allows you to create an ENHANCEMENT, which you will include in a PROJECT, by identifying its COMPONENT(S). In the case where SAP has already created an ENHANCEMENT for its pre-defined user-exits, you will not need to use transaction SMOD; instead, you should just use transaction CMOD.

Question 5 :

Have you created any transactions?

Answer :

We can use TC SE93 for creating our own transaction code.