Set - 1

Question 6 :

What is the purpose of shipping point determination not menu path

Answer :

So that Shipping Point is determined automatically once the settings for the same are done.

Question 7 :

What and where types of copy controls we change

Answer :

Copy Control: is basically meant so that Data is copied from preceding Document to subsequent one. What subsequent Document is required is to some extent determined by Customer Requirements as well as Document Types. e.g. In general case of Standard Order, it will be Copy Control (Order to Delivery) from OR to LF .

Question 8 :

How to and where to maintain copy controls

Answer :

Check for yourself in IMG (Sales Document types and Delivery Document Types)

Question 9 :

What is purpose of maintaining common distribution channels and common divisions

Answer :

Common Distribution Channel and Common Division are maintained so that if any master data like customer or material maintained with respect to one distribution channel can be used in other DCh. It prevents the multiplication of master records.

Eg: A customer is created for say sales area 1000/20/00 then the same customer can be used in sales area 1000/30/00 if we maintain 20 as common distribution channel. Hence no need for extending the customers...the same for materials also.

Question 10 :

What is the difference between the Availability check 01 (Daily requirement) and 02 (Individual Requirement) in material master?

Answer :

01 and 02 are the checking group. Availability check is carried out with the help of these checking group and checking rule. Checking group 01 and 02 are maintained on the material master.

01 - Individual requirement -For this system generates transfers the requirement for each order to the MRP .So that MM can either produce or procure.

02- Collective requirement.-In this all the requirements in a day or in a week are processed at a time. System stores all request and passes on to the MRP in MRP run. In this system performance is high however you can not do the backorder processing whereas in other you can do.