Set - 5

Question 16 :

What does preemptive in preemptive multitasking mean ?

Answer :

Preemptive refers to the fact that each task is alloted fixed time slots and at the end of that time slot the next task is started.

Question 17 :

What does the OLTP stands for ?

Answer :

OLTP stands for On Line Transaction Processing

Question 18 :

What is the most important requirement for OLTP ?

Answer :

OLTP requires real time response.

Question 19 :

In a client server environment, what would be the major work that the client deals with ?

Answer :

The client deals with the user interface part of the system.

Question 20 :

Why is the most of the processing done at the sever ?

Answer :

To reduce the network traffic and for application sharing and implementing business rules.