Set - 5

Question 21 :

What does teh term upsizing refer to ?

Answer :

Applications that have outgrown their environment are re-engineered to run in a larger environment. This is upsizing.

Question 22 :

What does one do when one is rightsizing ?

Answer :

With rightsizing, one would move applications to the most appropriate server platforms.

Question 23 :

What does the term downsizing refer to ?

Answer :

A host based application is re-engineered to run in smaller or LAN based environment.

Question 24 :

What is event trigger ?

Answer :

An event trigger, a segment of code which is associated with each event and is fired when the event occurs.

Question 25 :

Why do stored procedures reduce network traffic ?

Answer :

When a stored procedure is called, only the procedure call is sent to the server and not the statements that the procedure contains.