Set - 6

Question 6 :

Why are the integrity constraints preferred to database triggers ?

Answer :

Because it is easier to define an integrity constraint than a database trigger.

Question 7 :

Why is it better to use an integrity constraint to validate data in a table than to use a stored procedure ?

Answer :

Because an integrity constraint is automatically checked while data is inserted into a table. A stored has to be specifically invoked.

Question 8 :

What are the three components of a client server model ?

Answer :

A Client,
A Server and
A Network/Communication software.

Question 9 :

What are the advantages of client/server model ?

Answer :

Flexibility of the system, scalability, cost saving, centralised control and implementation of business rules, increase of developers productivity, portability, improved network and resource utilization.

Question 10 :

What are the disadvantages of the client/server model ?

Answer :

Heterogeneity of the system results in reduced reliability. May not be suitable for all applications. Managing and tuning networks becomes difficult.