Set - 6

Question 11 :

What are the different topologies available for network ?

Answer :


Question 12 :

What is the first work of Client process ?

Answer :

A client process at first establishes connection with the Server.

Question 13 :

What are the responsibilities of a Server ?

Answer :

1. Manage resources optimally across multiple clients.
2. Controlling database access and security.
3. Protecting the database and recovering it from crashes.
4. Enforcing integrity rules globally.

Question 14 :

In a Client/Server context, what does API (Application Programming Interface) refer to ?

Answer :

An API, in a Client/Server context, is a specification of a set of functions for communication between the client and the server.

Question 15 :

Give some examples of standard API??

Answer :

Open Database Connectivity (ODBC),
Integrated Database Application Programming Interface (IDAPI),