Set - 6

Question 21 :

What is inheritance ?

Answer :

Inheritance is a method by which properties and methods of an existing object are automatically passed to any object derived from it.

Question 22 :

What are the two components of ODBC ?

Answer :

1. An ODBC manager/administrator and
2. ODBC driver.

Question 23 :

What is the function of a ODBC manager ?

Answer :

The ODBC Manager manages all the data sources that exists in the system.

Question 24 :

What is the function of a ODBC Driver ?

Answer :

The ODBC Driver allows the developer to talk to the back end database.

Question 25 :

What description of a data source is required for ODBC ?

Answer :

The name of the DBMS, the location of the source and the database dependent information.