Set - 3

Question 1 :

How did you find database related issues?

Answer :

By running "Database" monitor and help of "Data Resource Graph" we can find database related issues. E.g. You can specify the resource you want to measure on before running the controller and than you can see database related issues

Question 2 :

What is the difference between Overlay graph and Correlate graph?

Answer :

Overlay Graph: It overlay the content of two graphs that shares a common x-axis. Left Y-axis on the merged graph show's the current graph's value & Right Y-axis show the value of Y-axis of the graph that was merged. Correlate Graph: Plot the Y-axis of two graphs against each other. The active graph's Y-axis becomes X-axis of merged graph. Y-axis of the graph that was merged becomes merged graph's Y-axis.

Question 3 :

How did you plan the Load? What are the Criteria?

Answer :

Load test is planned to decide the number of users, what kind of machines we are going to use and from where they are run. It is based on 2 important documents, Task Distribution Diagram and Transaction profile. Task Distribution Diagram gives us the information on number of users for a particular transaction and the time of the load. The peak usage and off-usage are decided from this Diagram. Transaction profile gives us the information about the transactions name and their priority levels with regard to the scenario we are deciding.

Question 4 :

What does vuser_init action contain?

Answer :

Vuser_init action contains procedures to login to a server.

Question 5 :

What does vuser_end action contain?

Answer :

Vuser_end section contains log off procedures.