Set - 2

Question 6 :

If the object does not have a name then what will be the logical name?

Answer :

If the object does not have a name then the logical name could be the attached text.

Question 7 :

What is the different between GUI map and GUI map files?

Answer :

The GUI map is actually the sum of one or more GUI map files. There are two modes for organizing GUI map files. Global GUI Map file: a single GUI Map file for the entire application. GUI Map File per Test: WinRunner automatically creates a GUI Map file for each test created.
GUI Map file is a file which contains the windows and the objects learned by the WinRunner with its logical name and their physical description.

Question 8 :

How do you view the contents of the GUI map?

Answer :

GUI Map editor displays the content of a GUI Map. We can invoke GUI Map Editor from the Tools Menu in WinRunner. The GUI Map Editor displays the various GUI Map files created and the windows and objects learned in to them with their logical name and physical description.

Question 9 :

When you create GUI map do you record all the objects of specific objects?

Answer :

If we are learning a window then WinRunner automatically learns all the objects in the window else we will we identifying those object, which are to be learned in a window, since we will be working with only those objects while creating scripts.