Set - 7

Question 1 :

Is it possible to restrict incoming message?

Answer :

Yes, using the 'mesg' command.

Question 2 :

What is the use of the command "ls -x chapter[1-5]"

Answer :

ls stands for list; so it displays the list of the files that starts with 'chapter' with suffix '1' to '5', chapter1, chapter2, and so on.

Question 3 :

Is 'du' a command? If so, what is its use?

Answer :

Yes, it stands for 'disk usage'. With the help of this command you can find the disk capacity and free space of the disk.

Question 4 :

Is it possible to count number char, line in a file; if so, How?

Answer :

Yes, wc-stands for word count.
wc -c for counting number of characters in a file.
wc -l for counting lines in a file.

Question 5 :

Name the data structure used to maintain file identification?

Answer :

'inode', each file has a separate inode and a unique inode number.