Set - 7

Question 6 :

How many prompts are available in a UNIX system?

Answer :

Two prompts, PS1 (Primary Prompt), PS2 (Secondary Prompt).

Question 7 :

How does the kernel differentiate device files and ordinary files?

Answer :

Kernel checks 'type' field in the file's inode structure.

Question 8 :

How to switch to a super user status to gain privileges?

Answer :

Use 'su' command. The system asks for password and when valid entry is made the user gains super user (admin) privileges.

Question 9 :

What are shell variables?

Answer :

Shell variables are special variables, a name-value pair created and maintained by the shell.
Example: PATH, HOME, MAIL and TERM

Question 10 :

What is redirection?

Answer :

Directing the flow of data to the file or from the file for input or output.
Example : ls > wc